Adams–McFarlane and Wiles Funeral Homes merge

With the merger of Adams–McFarlane Funeral Home and Cremation Care and Wiles Funeral Homes, Inc., the facility at 137 Farmington Falls Road in Farmington will now be known as The Wiles Remembrance Center and Cremation Care: Adams–McFarlane Chapel. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

By  Pam Harnden Staff Writer


FARMINGTON — Two local funeral homes have merged to maximize their potential and better serve their clients.

The merger of Adams–McFarlane Funeral and Cremation Services, 108 Court Street, and Wiles Funeral Homes, Inc., 137 Farmington Falls Road, became effective July 4.

The Farmington Falls Road facility will now be known as The Wiles Remembrance Center and Cremation Care: Adams–McFarlane Chapel. The Court Street building will later be sold.

Kent Wiles and his sister, Rhonda Wiles-Rosell, and Jeremy McFarlane began talking about a merger last fall. They worked to be compliant with Maine law throughout the process. All those who hold mortuary trusts with Adams–McFarlane have been informed those trusts will continue to be honored as written, Wiles-Rosell said.

McFarlane purchased the Court Street business in 2006. He’s excited about working with the monument company and moving from a single person operation to the team approach.

“We’re three people who know Franklin County well. We’re very like-minded in our way of serving people. We can feed off each other. It’s going to be good,” he said.

“Working as a team, we will be able to provide quality care and services to the communities we serve while balancing our work and family lives,” Wiles-Rosell said.

McFarlane said the nature of funeral competition has made it appear conflict existed between the two companies.

Adams–McFarlane Funeral Home and Cremation Care, 108 Court Street in Farmington, has merged with Wiles Funeral Homes, Inc., 137 Farmington Falls Road. A newly designed website with a pre-planning app will soon be unveiled. (Pam Harnden/Franklin Journal)

“That’s not true. There is no need for more negativity around death care. We want to show positivity through unity,” he said.

“It speaks well for our community that we feel we can work collaboratively to provide services affordably for the families we serve, “Wiles-Rosell said.

She said pre-arrangement options for memorializations will be expanded. The website will be updated and a new app for smart phones and tablets introduced. Some changes will provide creative ways to communicate and stay current with new trends.

“We want to help families have those difficult conversations regarding end-of-life care and educate the public about what their choices are,” Wiles-Rosell said.

“We want to share our knowledge with families so they’re not working on assumptions,” McFarlane said.

“Our goal is to be known as leaders in our profession. Doing this together as a team allows us to maximize the potential,” Wiles-Rosell said.

Other Wiles Remembrance Centers are located in Dixfield and Jay.

The telephone numbers will remain the same. Adams~McFarlane 778-3350 or 639-2541; Wiles 778-5911 or 1-800-640-5910.


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