Bouncing Baby Boutique settles into new store location

Nina Pottle and her daughters, from left, Susan, 5, Frances, 9, and Winnie, 3, greet customers at the Bouncing Baby Boutique in Farmington.

By Ann Bryant, Staff Writer

FARMINGTON — Moms know where to find the Bouncing Baby Boutique.

About a month after a move from the Wilton Road to 112 Oak St. – next to the West Farmington Post Office – the business has settled in well.

The new space is a little smaller but still large enough to offer everything we had before, Nina Pottle, owner and concierge buying agent, said.

“We have a really well-established community,” she said.

By community, she was speaking of the Moms in the area who shop or drop off outgrown or no longer needed baby, children and maternity items for either store credit or cash.

Since opening in 2013, word-of-mouth has built a good following of customers.

One Mom had just purchased a Burberry coat for a toddler Friday. The cost, $2.99, but it retails for hundreds, Pottle said.

“We all want the best for our kids,” she said of the beautiful coat that a toddler can quickly outgrow.

Nina Pottle and her daughters, from left, Susan, 5, Frances, 9, and Winnie, 3, greet customers at the Bouncing Baby Boutique in Farmington.

(Ann Bryant/Franklin Journal)

The store motto reflects that, “Every baby deserves the best we can possibly give – not defined by the amount of money we can spend.”

While Moms can sell items online or at lawn sales, Pottle’s intent is to save the Mom time and energy while compensating her for the items as much as she can. The Mom may accept less for the items but save the time and hassle of selling it, she said. Most Moms like the combination of store credit for future purchases and cash.

Unlike consignment shops where the Mom may not know what an item will bring and payment is left until the item sells, “concierge sales keep you in control of your money and something even more valuable, your time and energy,” according to store cards.

So many items, quickly outgrown, still have value and it keeps some of these items out of our landfills, Pottle said.

When a Mom brings in items to drop off, as it is called, Pottle will go through and make her an offer. The clothes need to be already laundered and of good quality.

The Bouncing Baby Boutique has settled in to a new location at 112 Oak St., next to the West Farmington Post Office, after recently moving from the Wilton Road. 

(Ann Bryant/Franklin Journal)

If some items are not ready for the shop, she offers the Mom the chance to take it back or to let it go to one of the two, local agencies which the store works with.

The store usually gives 50-100 pounds of clothing, at a time, to the Franklin County Children’s Task Force for their clothing program. They may not be store quality but they are good, clean play clothes, she said.

Moms are not compensated for the clothes given to the Task Force or the Western Maine Homeless Outreach but usually the amount on items Pottle does accept are enough, she said.

Pottle of Monmouth, a mother of three girls and a boy, will soon become a mother of five. She understands the constraints that children can place on a mother’s time and their need to meet and talk with other mothers.

A huge profit is not her main goal. The opportunity to mother her own children while being a working mom along with a chance to get out of her home and be around other people all while earning enough to pay for some groceries is success in her eyes. Her efforts make her feel valued and that she is contributing, she said.

Children play while Moms shop at the Bouncing Baby Boutique now located at 112 Oak St., next to the West Farmington Post Office. Pictured are Emma and James King and baby Janie, 9 weeks, (in baby carrier on floor), while they wait for Mom, Taylor King.

(Ann Bryant/Franklin Journal)

A play area at the boutique provides space and toys to engage youngsters while Mom shops. They often run in to other mothers here and Pottle, who comes to know them on a first name basis, engages them in friendly conversation. The store has developed over the last four years to meet the needs of the moms in this area, she said.

The boutique is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The hours chosen to meet the times when Moms are best able to be out shopping, she said.

Thursdays are drop-off days but no drop-offs are being accepted during the month of July.


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