A winter tradition: The Fire and Ice Festival

Cars and horse drawn carriages shared the road as festival goers enjoyed an old fashioned ride through town during the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington Saturday.

By Vanessa Mosher, Correspondent

FARMINGTON — There is no better reason for a town to come together then to enrich the lives of its children.

It is something Farmington provides for its youth. For the Fire and Ice Festival, this past Saturday, local businesses took a turn at this community offering.

Front Street in Farmington was teaming with excitement and crowds of people coming to enjoy the free festival. There were activities for all ages and festival goers could not have asked for a more beautiful day to have a family outing and enjoy the final throes of winter.

Choices ranged from snowperson sculpting, cookie decorating, face painting,a scavenger hunt, sleigh and sled rides, free matinees and the very popular Tube Park. In the evening fireworks were held to cap off a successful day.

Cars and horse drawn carriages shared the road as festival goers enjoyed an old fashioned ride through town during the Fire and Ice Festival in Farmington Saturday.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

A main attraction for the day, and what seemed a never ending line, was the horse drawn carriage ride, provided by The Narrow Gauge Cinemas. That is what brought Orre-Ann Robbins with her 11-month old son and 6-year old niece, and she was not disappointed with the wait. Orre commented, “The activities we took part in were fun and well thought out. The Festival was a great opportunity to get to know local businesses on a different level.”

One local business took the opportunity to help a young man battling cancer with their stores promotion. Shellie’s at the Station provided face painting for an estimated 50 kids this weekend while raising raffle money for two baskets of a variety of goods. Winners have yet to be announced while participants eagerly await the results. Shellie says that this was her first year, and next year she would like to raise money for the Animal Shelter and add another face painter because of how successful this year was.

Another local business, Devaney Doak & Garrett, held a scavenger hunt that drew a great crowd. This was their first year participating and roughly 35 children joined in the hunt. Kolden Logan was the grand prize winner, walking away with a $15 gift card to Dunkin Donuts.

Brielle Tinker, 10, and Avery Tinker, 8, get ready to take another run down the Tube Park.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

If the sun was kind to the snow sculptors from this weekend you will be able to see what remains of the creativity of many of the festivals children. Divine Inspirations Footwear, across from Gifford’s, hosted an area for kids to get creative with their snow people.

An endless number of children flocked to the Tube Park, built and sponsored by Franklin Savings Bank, Collins Enterprises and E.L. Vining and Son. The snowstorm that had caused the postponing of the original festival date ended up being a blessing in disguise as the kids had plenty of snow to speed their tubes down the groomed hill.

It took the hard work of many people to pull this weekend off, and there should be a lot of pats-on-the-back handed out to those hardworking businesses who gave back to the children in such a wonderful way. It is one of the beautiful things about living in a small town, when everyone comes together to show the kids how important where they grow up is.

Belle Given, 10, and Aliza Moore, 11, show off their face paint as they head up the Tube Park.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

Alex Rackliffe, 14, and Brielle Dostie, 10, finish up their snowmen at Divine Inspirations Footwear.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

The line was steady at Shellie’s for face painting from beginning to end.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

There was a perfect amount of snow to slide quickly down the groomed hill.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)

This creative snow person is keeping warm with a pretty shawl.

(Vanessa Mosher/Franklin Journal)


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