RSU 9 ready to welcome students

First grade teacher Brooke Cushing prepares her classroom at W.G. Mallett School in Farmington. (Dee Menear/Franklin Journal)

FARMINGTON — Regional School Unit 9 administrators, teachers and staff have been busy preparing for the 2018-2019 school year and are ready to welcome students back into the classroom tomorrow.

“Schools are clean and teachers are in their classrooms,” reported Regional School Unit 9 Superintendent Tina Meserve.

Several goals are in place for the coming year, Meserve said. Continuing to support positive student behavior, making sure students have clear learning targets are goals for the upcoming year; and building on school culture top the list.

“We want to celebrate our schools and school pride. This includes having clear communication about what is going on in our schools, not only with students and parents, but with the community,” Meserve added.

A new staff orientation was held on Wednesday, Aug. 22 for 45 new employees. Among the topics covered were technology and suicide prevention training, explained Meserve.

“Schools have so many things coming at them and I am proud of our administration team. They worked hard over the summer to get things in place. Proficiency-based education is a big part of our work this summer and we are continuing to work on the next steps, ” Meserve said.

According to Jonathan Chalmers, Director of Support Services, several facilities projects and upgrades have been completed over the summer. Portable classrooms have been set up at Mt. Blue Middle School; an ADA ramp has been installed at Cascade Brook School; and G.D. Cushing School offices have been updated. Cape Cod Hill School updates include new windows and a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Students in grades K-9 start tomorrow. Students in grades 10-12 return Thursday.


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